Friday, January 13, 2012

Police Cruisers: The New High Tech Office

In the last decade, law enforcement patrol vehicles have become more like high-tech offices than the old-fashioned prowl cars of the past. Today's officer has more technology in his or her patrol unit than astronauts had in the space shuttle. And like any high-tech office, the new patrol car cabin is built around the presence of a powerful computer.

We've written numerous articles on mobile computers. They are the it-product of police technology. They can survive drops and spills, and even bullet rounds and vehicle fires. But the truth is that without the right software and the right peripherals the most expensive, powerful, rugged police computer system is just a rugged computer.

What software should you look at for your rugged computer systems?

  • M-Urgency: Links with your dispatch and emergency callers to deliver real-time video of the incident.
  • The CAD Zone:  Simplified 3D-rendering software specifically designed for non-technical personnel.  Software comes specifically designed for fire management, crash re-enactments, and crime scene re-enactments. 
  • Apollo Video Technology:  Stream and record video directly to the mobile units in the police vehicles.  
  • StarChase Pursuit:  Tag and follow high-speed pursuit vehicles safely and at a distance utilizing GPS technology.
  • NDI Recognition Systems:  Automated license plate recognition programs increase both the safety of officers and the number of license plates that can be checked during a shift.
  • EMS Consultants:  Specifically designed for easy of use, this EMS software completely eliminates the "paperwork" associated with patient transports.

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