Friday, September 30, 2011

Police Computer Technology

Everyone uses computers these days to get the job done, but law enforcement agencies rely far more heavily than others on instant access to critical data. Law enforcement needs the most reliable data available right away, but they also need mobile computing solutions that can withstand the pressures of working in the field. Extremes in dust, moisture, temperatures and abuse are the norm in the field. With the Panasonic line of ruggedized laptops these conditions are effectively accommodated. The standard in a rugged Panasonic Laptop is the Toughbook. Specifically the ruggedized models like the CF-28, CF-29 and the CF-30.

Law Enforcement relies heavily on reliable mobile computersThe Panasonic Toughbook line of portable computers are superior systems encased in magnesium alloy, field-tested for impact, extreme temperatures, dust and moisture. Police Departments are finding the Toughbooks to be invaluable. By utilizing a ruggedized laptop like the Toughbook, officers are finding that when you have working reliable tough laptop they are able to safely do their job with efficiency. The technology that is made available in the Toughbook line of Panasonic laptops improves the usability and control of the laptop in combination with the know-how and experience the officer on the street has acquired.
Using Toughbooks, Police officers can use mobile computers that are configured for law enforcement to scan pictures of criminals, run license plate numbers, and quickly connect with the precinct. They can pull up the past criminal history of an individual as well as access that individual's gang nicknames, home address and known associates not to mention any future database operation that may be required to add to this list. Law enforcement technology is changing so fast that the agency needs a laptop that can grow with the needs of the task at hand.
It's the mobile computing that are making some of the hardest jobs in the world a little bit easier. However the vehicle mounted laptop is only one aspect of how the police use a ruggedized laptop. These laptops after all are mobile and do not necessarily need to be permanently mounted in a car. They can be easily taken out and used to do the daily paperwork required at the end of everyday. This could actually eliminate the need for multiple computers. Thus saving money and time for the police force. After all what township or municipality would turn down an opportunity to save money and improve their mobile computing abilities?
Overall, the mobile computing choices are numerous. To be effective and efficient the ruggedized solution for the vehicle application must be flexible. The laptop must be ruggedized meaning that it can withstand extremes in temperatures, dust, and moisture as well as abuse. In addition, the laptop should reliably do the job at hand, viewing pictures of criminals, running license plate numbers and staying connected to the main office. All adding to a safe and successful day. Given the rugged construction and proven reliability of the Panasonic Toughbook, we feel that this model laptop would most definitely do the job.

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