Friday, November 18, 2011

Product Spotlight: StarChase Pursuit Management System

High-peed police pursuits and the inherent risk of injury and death that can result constitute an important law enforcement and public safety issue. Police pursuits are dangerous. Available data indicate that the number of pursuits continues to increase, as well as the number of pursuit-related injuries and deaths. Federal statistics show that more than half of all police chases are triggered by such incidents  and that 40% of these chases result in crashes.  Officers face the basic dilemma associated with high-speed pursuits of fleeing suspects: Do the benefits of potential apprehension outweigh the risks of endangering the public and the police?

Unfortunately, high speed pursuits do happen.  StarChase has created a technology that virtually eliminates the need to put the local community at risk.  StarChase launches a sticky GPS tracker onto a fleeing vehicle. Police officers can then monitor this GPS signal through the dispatch office or through the computers in their vehicles.  As well as reducing the dangers and risks involved in police pursuits, the StarChase Pursuit Management System saves time, money and – most importantly – lives.

How Does It Work?

  1. A compressed-air launcher, mounted behind the grille of a police cruiser, uses a laser to target the fleeing vehicle. It discharges a projectile/tag containing the GPS module.
  2. The projectile adheres to the suspect vehicle and transmits coordinates back to dispatch.
  3. The dispatcher then views the location and movements of the tagged vehicle in near real-time on a digital roadmap via a secure Internet connection. 
See It In Action

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