Monday, January 16, 2012

Crime Solving - Why Yes, There's App For That

It seems that we keep saying this, but there really is an app for just about everything!  Bridgeport Police Department in Connecticut has recently launched a new app called iWatch Bridgeport.

The iWatch Bridgeport app released in October 2011, and is the first app of its kind on the East Coast.  This app is the future of policing, and the Bridgeport police say their new smartphone app is helping them to solve crimes and revolutionizing the way they do it.  Lt. David Daniels III was quoted as saying, "In a city that has 143,000 people and 18 square miles, and 400 cops working 24 hours a day, this is the ultimate cop."

How Does It Work?
The app is easy to use.  When a resident wants to submit a tip, they simple open the app and type in a description of the tip they want to send.  There is even an option to send pictures or video in with the tip.  Once the resident hits send, the app is sent directly to the police department.  All submitted tips are completely anonymous, which police feel increases the likelihood that tips will be submitted.

Does It Work?
The city of Bridgeport had a homicide on New Year's Day, and someone used the iWatch app to send critical information to the police department.  "Right after that murder occurred we got an iWatch tip from someone who had to be in the area," said Lt. Daniels. "The information was credible, it's panning out and I think it will actually help us solve that crime."

There are a few other departments in the US that are currently using similar technology.  A couple of them are Harris County, TX and Englewood, CO.

This app gives residents the power to report what they see and hear in their neighborhoods.  To get more information check out the video below.


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