Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Company Spotlight: Engine Bay Floors

Engine Bay Floors has partnered with nationally known and established manufacturers of floor resurfacing materials. Each and every product they use has been designed and tested to meet the rigid demands of today's firehouse floor resurfacing projects. Their reputation has been built upon utilizing outstanding firehouse flooring materials consistently, so you can confidently park your apparatus on them for decades to come.

The true strength of Engine Bay Floors lies in the expertise of their floor resurfacing installation teams. Using the latest equipment and proven installation techniques, their craftsmen install a masterpiece with every firehouse flooring project by incorporating old-school dedicated work ethic seldom seen within the industry. Their ongoing improvement training programs and mutual aid safety guidelines guarantee compliance with all federal, state and local regulations to undertake and complete any concrete floor resurfacing job.

Engine Bay Floors offer four different types of flooring options.  They are the Floor Resurfacing 4000, Concrete Epoxy 8000, Floor Epoxy 1600, and the Floor Coating 3200.  Which flooring option is right for you is entirely dependent on the application of your garage, types of vehicles it houses, and the amount of traffic it will see.  The specialists at Engine Bay Floors can easily help you to determine which would work best for you!  Epoxy options are also available in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to customize your flooring to match the logo or emblem of your department.  Engine Bay Floors is even able to place your logo within your flooring!

Engine Bay Floors is a high quality resurfacing/epoxy company.  They want to be the best resurfacing/epoxy company in the business.  Because of this, they pride themselves on hard work, doing the job right, and having a happy and satisfied customer when the job is finished!

Watch a resurfacing in action!

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