Monday, January 30, 2012

Did You Know Toughbooks Are Cheaper Than Commercial Laptops?

Although at first glance it might not seem like it, purchasing a Panasonic Toughbook is actually a cheaper option than purchasing a standard commercial laptop.  The initial purchase price of a Panasonic Toughbook will be higher, however, the total cost of ownership is significantly cheaper!  Keep in mind that initial costs can be decreased by purchasing a refurbished Toughbook instead of a new one.

When officers are equipped with mobile computers, employees can be productive anywhere, anytime. But most portable computers are not designed for work outside the office and are at a significantly greater risk of being damaged. Damage can occur in a number of ways: drops, spills, dirt, dust, extreme temperatures and vibration. If a computer fails, there can be significant repercussions. Even a brief period of downtime has a ripple effect that can impact productivity.

Most mobile computers are not built with the outside world in mind. In fact, industry research indicates that average annual failure rates are significantly higher for ordinary laptop deployments.  When downtime and repairs are figured into the lifetime costs of ordinary commercial laptops, the ultimate price of those laptops increases substantially.

Designed for unparalleled performance and durability, Panasonic Toughbook computers are the mobile professional's best defense against downtime and data loss. Toughbook rugged computers are built to withstand drops, liquid spills and falling objects-the three leading causes of laptop damage. With superior protection for components most prone to damage, Toughbook computers deliver maximum uptime and productivity at a lower total cost of ownership.

PCS Mobile reported an industry average failure rate of 21.0%. Panasonic's service records (as of September, 2009, for units in and out of warranty) show an average annual failure rate of only 2.99% for Toughbook mobile computers.
A comparison of the data presented in the below Venture Development Corporation (VDC) chart highlights the difference in reliability between rugged and commercial-grade PC's. By the third year, the number of commercial-grade units that need to be replaced is over 60% more than rugged units.
Compared to commercial grade computers, Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers average better than 15% lower on total cost of ownership, annually. Over the life of a typical mobile computer, that adds up to significant savings, plus a better overall user experience.

Information Retrieved from Panasonic

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