Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Company Spotlight: StalkerVUE

Officer safety is a top priority for all police departments.  When thinking of safety many departments take protective gear and adequate training into account.  Another important area to keep in mind is surveillance.  Many departments have officers who ride alone, which can easily place the officer into various situations that could lead to the use of force or extreme measures.  However, when they are alone, there is no one to verify that their actions were warranted except the officer and the suspect (who most likely will contend that it was not warranted at all).

To combat this issue during traffic stops, many departments have in-car video systems that automatically record to support the officer's choices if a situation arises.  But, what about officer's who are responding to a situation not within the line-of-sight of their vehicle, such as being on foot pursuit or inside of a residence?  It is for these instances that officer's can wear StalkerVUE.  This one item will protect your responder and document your evidence with video, audio, and still images.

The StalkerVUE body-worn video camera/recorder provides documented evidence without the cost and limitations of in-car video systems. The use of video is known to increase responder safety, and reduce time in court, while increasing the likelihood of successful prosecutions. In addition, taxpayer dollars are saved by reducing frivolous lawsuits.

Tilting Camera Head

StalkerVUE daylight lens mode
The patent-pending tilting camera head affords users a choice of where the unit can effectively be worn. This feature allows the camera head angle to be adjusted up or down and positioned for a clear and unobstructed view, unlike systems that incorporate fixed lenses and fixed clamps or clips.

Daylight / Low Light Lens Modes
Tilting Camera headStalkerVUE daylight lens modeThe Stalker VUE adapts to the ambient light to achieve clear and well lit video recordings and still images in virtually any condition. A sliding IR lens filter controls the brightness to the camera and allows the user to change lens modes on the fly.  In Daylight Mode, the StalkerVUE will record clear and bright full motion video and high resolution still images.  In Low Light Mode, clear and bright video recordings and still images in subdued or poorly lit areas are achieved by a set of innovative IR emitters built into the front of the camera body.  By simply sliding the lens filter away from the lens and activating the IR emitters - the StalkerVUE practically sees in the dark!

Easy File Transfer
StalkerVUE USB cable connectivityThe StalkerVUE easily transfers files to a PC computer using its USB 2.1 industry standard connector and cable. There are no complicated applications to learn or to configure. Plug ‘n play connectivity with your existing PC to transfer files. Transferred files are AVI format and viewable on any PC’s media player. That means that the files can be copied directly to a flash drive, CD or DVD for easy transportation.

User Changeable Battery
StalkerVUE battery installUnlike the competition, the StalkerVUE’s battery is user changeable and provides 400 hours of standby time. Just slide the front panel off of the unit and the battery is directly accessible to insert or remove. Moreover, the battery is a common cell phone battery available nearly anywhere cell phone accessories are sold.

Convenient Charging Options
StalkerVUE AC adapterThe Stalker VUE can be conveniently charged simply through its USB cable when connected to any computer. Also available is an AC to USB power supply to charge your StalkerVUE using household electricity. Plus, a charger for a battery while out of the unit is also available.

The StalkerVUE is ideal for patrol officers, investigators, correctional officers, warrant servers, K-9 units, SWAT, code enforcement, motorcycle and bike patrols, private security agencies, fire safety personnel, and EMS professionals.

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