Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Tough are Toughbooks?

We've written numerous posts about how Panasonic Toughbook's are rugged, how they are significantly better than other brands of (supposedly) rugged computers, and even about some of the types of abuse that they can endure.

Have you ever wondered why?  Toughbooks go through extensive testing in the development stage.  Just a few of the tests that they endure are a water spray test, vibration tests, hot/cold weather tests, and hinge tests.  Panasonic has rigorous standards in regards to testing.  Units need to exceed the military specifications of these tests, meaning you are purchasing a laptop that will hold up to significant wear, tear, and flat-out abuse.

To see an inside look at some of Panasonic's testing facilities check out the following video.

As if Panasonic's testing weren't enough, many Toughbook owners feel the need to really put their Toughbook to the test.  A quick browse on YouTube will show you all of obscure testing methods that have been utilized.  However, the following video stood out to us, as it is one of the view videos where a Panasonic Toughbook has been immersed in water and blown-up...and (of course) it still worked like new afterwards.

Obviously, our refurbishing and repair technicians do not recommend dunking your Toughbook in water, blowing it up, feeding it to a tiger, or running it over with a car on purpose.  However, accidents happen, so why not have a computer that is prepared to handle them?

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