Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toughbooks Increase Officer Efficiency!

Most police officers spend the majority of their time out on the streets and in their police cruiser.  Yet, a great deal of the paperwork that comes along with policing forces officers to be off the streets and away from their police car.  As any officer is aware, logging a crime report is a lengthy process that usually starts with a home visit. The officer then has to take notes in a notebook and then write up a crime report. Typically, the report is then taken back to the station, where is it typed up. This system is not only lengthy, but also prone to errors in typing and reading faxes.  Plus, it forces officers to be pulled away from their cruisers sometimes up to a third of his or her shift.

Panasonic Toughbooks are changing that.  Toughbook rugged mobile computers are already in use by numerous police departments across the country, and are proving to be a revolutionary resource to police; at a time when spending cuts are high, a device that enables the force to save time and money is invaluable.  When Toughbooks are equipped with a mobile-broadband device, the Toughbook enables the police force to operate a mobile office system.  When out on the road, officers can use it to access the same systems that are available in the office, so they can be alerted to incidents as soon as they are reported, and can therefore respond in the quickest time possible.  Being connected to the office also allows officers to process any paperwork directly from their cruiser, keeping them on the streets and prepared to go if another incident arises.

The Toughbook fits into a docking station or a vehicle mount. It can be easily removed, allowing the officer to take the computer into a witnesses home to document any notes directly into the system.

There are a great deal of options for departments to choose from when they decide to put a Toughbook into their vehicles.  It is highly recommended to opt for a fully-rugged version of the Toughbook, such as the CF-19, CF-29, or CF-30, a they are built specifically for the wear-and-tear that comes with mounting a computer in a moving vehicle that will be exposed to significant temperature fluctuations.

Cost of purchase is always a significant purchasing issue for departments, especially with the budget cuts they've had to face over the past few years.  Finding a reputable refurbished Panasonic Toughbook dealer can significantly decrease the purchase cost, usually at savings upwards of 75% of the cost of a new Toughbook.  It is important when purchasing refurbished Toughbooks to do so through a dealer that offers a substantial warranty.  Although Toughbooks are built for abuse, there are instances of hardware or software failure that might need to be addressed in the future.

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