Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Even Dash-Cameras Are Going HD

A European research firm is pretty certain that the next version of dashboard-camera systems are going to be in HD.  The reasoning behind their findings is that as HD technology becomes more commonplace, the cost of manufacturing such cameras also continues to decrease dramatically.  Because of the significant decrease in manufacturing costs, it becomes affordable to begin marketing them towards police agencies throughout the world.

Currently, HD cameras make up less than 15 percent of all mobile video surveillance systems in the United States.  This is probably because of the fact that there is currently only one HD video surveillance system designed for use inside police cruisers.  That manufacturer is WatchGuard Video.  It is believed that due there will most likely be an increase in available vendors during 2012.

Most departments already have an dashboard camera system in their vehicles, and they probably don't see the point in making the upgrade.  However, it is definitely something that should be considered, as the quality of images recorded is significantly improved in comparison to the older model cameras most departments are still utilizing.

Standard In-Car Dash Camera

WatchGuard HD In-Car Dash Camera

The downside to the better quality is that it will also most likely mean a required upgrade in the mobile computers used in the police cruisers.  HD video requires significantly more storage space than standard video, meaning that departments would either need to upgrade their entire computer system or all of their hard drives.

 See what real officers have to say about WatchGuard video.

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