Thursday, February 16, 2012

Company Spotlight: PepperBall Technologies

PepperBall Technologies was originally formed in 1996 as an engineering group of Jaycor (a defense contractor).  From the beginning they specialized in the development of guidelines for the employment of non-lethal technology in operations other than war.  In their efforts to develop a non-lethal weapon alternative for governmental agencies, they developed PepperBall.

Pepperball is manufactured and distributed as a less-than-lethal weapon for military, government, law enforcement, corrections, private security and consumer markets.  Major users include such agencies as the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the US Border Patrol, and thousands of police and sheriff departments in major US cities.  They are the most widely recognized name brand and largest supplier of non-lethal PAVA-based launchers and projectiles.

PepperBall products include a full line of system launchers and projectiles for a variety of less-lethal applications. These systems allow military, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, security guards and other agencies to use a less-lethal approach to incapacitate individuals, disperse crowds or just simply gain compliance. For consumers, PepperBall offers several personal defense systems for your personal protection and to protect your family when safety is threatened. With over 15 million PepperBalls sold, PepperBall personal defense systems have been proven to be highly effective and safe with no reported serious injuries.

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