Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Spotlight: Cuff Man

No, Cuff Man is not a new superhero.  Cuff Man is a training dummy created by Dummies Unlimited Inc.  Cuff Man was created to eliminate the accidental injuries that can occur during handcuff training, such as hyper-extending of a joint or placing cuffs to tightly.  

Cuff Man is a uniquely designed training dummy that is ideal for teaching proper arrest and control techniques.  Cuff Man is a human featured training dummy with flexible joint action in his wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. Locking elbows allow you to perform a variety of arm-bar techniques as well.  His hands and fingers are made from a flexible yet durable poly-urethane compound for a realistic feel while cuffing and can tolerate thousands of cuffing scenarios.  He possesses an extended chin for realistic grappling techniques while ground fighting.  The locking joints and life-like feeling hands allow trainees to learn how to properly maneuver a person while handcuffing them, so that handcuffing can be done safely without causing any physical harm.

With these features in mind - consider the concept! Velcro loop is sewn into his heavy duty Cordura suit, both front and back, and a slender back board is wrapped with Velcro hook. With the back board installed in a provided free standing mount, Cuff Man is able to stand on his own at any height desired. Once standing, arrest and control techniques can be performed on Cuff Man from both front or rear. Just like any resisting suspect, added force is required to pull Cuff Man to the ground without any hindrances or obstacles. 

Check out some of the training options Cuff Man can be used for:

Dummies Unlimited Inc. has been creating various training dummies for over 52 years!  They have many training options available for law enforcement, fire & rescue, and medical training.  Their uses range are versatile, including teaching submission tactics, teaching CPR or patient care, extrication training, and much more.

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