Thursday, January 19, 2012

Company Spotlight: Ribcraft

Although not all fire and rescue departments have waterways to worry about, there are several who have rivers and lakes within their department's districts.  When it comes to buying, many departments look towards RIB boats.  RIBs, sometimes known as rigid inflatable boats, rare powerboats fitted with inflatable collars or tubes. As well as excellent fendering, this makes RIBs almost unsinkable and suitable for use in all sorts of conditions. RIBs are some of the most versatile boats available and are used as rescue boats by the RNLI and as patrol boats by the military.

Ribcraft is one of the primary manufacturers of RIB boats in the United States.  Ribcraft has established its position as a designer and builder of technologically advanced RIBs that fulfill the most demanding professional, military and rescue roles. Ribcraft has gained an enviable reputation as a leading builder of professional grade RIBs. Professionals expect and demand the ultimate in performance and dependability. So does Ribcraft. In fact, they define it.

That's why Ribcraft boats are built stronger, safer, and specifically for the customer. Ribcraft believes first and foremost that a boat must keep passengers safe and free from harm. This involves designing the vessel for what its meant to do...PERFORM. Performance is more than simply arriving at a destination. It's about doing the job right, efficiently, and safely. With a focus on the functional, Ribcraft works with the customer to understand mission requirements in order to build a craft that meets the specific challenges presented by geographic conditions and operational functions.  Because Ribcraft builds their boats one at a time, they can personalize virtually any element of the design. Every RIB built meets the individual requirements of the customers.

Ribcraft sells many different models of RIBs, meaning that they can design the perfect solution for your department.  If your department has limited funding for new RIBs, they even offer the option of purchasing refurbished or previously owned RIBs through their website.

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