Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Company Spotlight: Weddle Tool Company

The Weddle Tool Company (WTC) was founded in 2008 by Dave Weddle, Daniel Corder, Charles Brown, Joe Habib, and Jack Harding; together with over 100 years of combined career and volunteer fire and rescue experience. Based out of Bunker Hill, West Virginia, WTC had a simple beginning with a simple purpose; to provide public safety personnel, firefighters, rescue workers and police officers with light weight, practical tools. Their tools have been developed by public safety professionals for public safety professionals.

The W-Tool is a one person manually operated self-contained hydraulic tool designed for multiple types of public safety operations. The W-Tool can be used as a 25lb. battering ram when rapid intervention is required, or quickly converted into a non-destructive forcible entry tool.
The design incorporates three basic components; A manually operated 6,000 pound hydraulic power head attached to a telescopic main body constructed of an outer 2”x2” square steel tube, 3/16 wall thickness; An inner 1.5”x1.5” square steel tube, 3/16 wall thickness, 27” long designed to adjust in length telescopically to 39”, attached to a top and bottom plates constructed of ½”plate steel 3”x 5”. The top and bottom plates are designed to receive multiple accessory attachments allowing the tool to perform multiple rescue tasks. All W-Tools are equipped with an adjustable shoulder carry strap and an integrated LED light that allows for hands free night-illumination.
The W-Tool is also very simple to use.  It is placed horizontally in the door jam slightly above the upper most lock and adjusted to fit in the jam.  Hydraulic pressure is applied in small increments until the jam is spread to the point that the strike and/or deadbolt no longer hold the door locked.  This allows for quick entry and causes minimal to no damage to the door.  It also does more then just open doors.  It can also be used for vehicle stabilization during extrication, freeing occupants from dash displacements, and even for structural support for building structures.

The W-Tool is also priced significantly cheaper than many similar products on the market.  The starting price of the W-Tool is a little under $1400, which also includes the costs of shipping!  This is definitely a must have item for all emergency services departments!

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