Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Company Spotlight: Readi Mask

Global Safety First, LLC (GSF) is a US company founded for the purpose of marketing unique safety products to protect or assist people in emergency situations whether caused by accident, terrorism or natural disaster. The company’s first product is the Readi Mask. The Readi Mask is the only mask specifically designed to provide protection to individuals who might find themselves in an emergency situation where airborne contaminants could be harmful if not fatal.

Unique characteristics of the Readi Mask include:
  • Compact and easy to carry in a pocket
  • Leading edge thin fiber filtration material which independent testing has shown to substantially exceed NIOSH standards
  • The mask seals to the face with a medical grade adhesive to prevent inward-leakage which can reduce a typical mask’s effectiveness by 50% or more
  • Independent testing proved that the mask filters 99.9% of all biological contaminants for more than 3 hours, and particles for more than 30 minutes

Each mask comes in a sealed package that can easily be carried in a pocket.  The mask is simply applied in four very easy steps:

While the mask is primarily being manufactured and marketed to the emergency services fields, there are currently three models of the mask available:
  • Adult
  • Child mask with eye-shield
  • Adult half-mask (without eye-shield)
Along with being effective against airborne biological contaminates, the mask is also effective for use during crowd or riot control measures that involve the use of products such as pepper spray.  To see the effectiveness of the mask for that type of situation, check out the following video.

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