Thursday, December 29, 2011

Company Spotlight: Shocknife

Shocknife Inc. is a privately owned North American company whose sole objective is to revolutionize the edged weapon training industry with the only training knife that induces the necessary stress required for realistic edged weapon training. Shocknife is designed to improve tactical knife defense training in law enforcement, military, and corrections markets around the world.  Shocknife's mission is to be the world leader in non-projectile, realistic training products that are capable of inducing acute stress during survival training.

Law enforcement, military, and corrections departments all do different forms of knife training and sparring.  The tools generally used for this include wooden or rubber knives with some sort of marking item (such as chalk or lipstick along the blade) to show where the trainees had been struck by the knife.  However, other then the markings there really is no penalty for getting "cut".  Therefore both sparring trainees have no issues getting up close to "cut" their opponent since they will suffer no real consequences.  This is where the Shocknife is different.

The Shocknife SK-2 is revolutionizing the edged weapon training industry. The blade of the Shocknife delivers a powerful shock that causes pain but no injury or incapacitation. When trainees are attacked with the Shocknife SK-2, there is pain stimulus like a real attack. This causes the same mental and physical state the trainee would be in during a real attack.  The introduction of less lethal training ammunition in conjunction with mass education of the need for stress exposure training has pushed police training to its highest level in recorded history.  Today it is hard to find a legitimate police academy that does not deliver reality based scenario training as part of their curriculum.  Until now, their was no way to deliver realistic edged weapon scenarios as the use of rubber, wood or plastic knives did not create the acute stress needed to replicate a real world knife attack. This has changed with the introduction of the Shocknife SK-2.

The Shocknife SK-2 also comes equipped with a Shock Adjustment Screw. This allows the shock to be adjusted for the level of training being conducted:

Low Range - Biofeedback Tool

  • Shock delivered feels like a small paper cut
  • No stress reaction but allows the trainee to know when their technique was incorrect 
  • Instant feedback without constant coaching from a third party
  • Helps to correct improper technique
Medium Range - Stimulus Response Training
  • Enough shock to create arousal in training
  • Keeps trainees focused and helps them acquire skills faster
High Range - Dynamic Scenario Training
  • Shock is powerful enough to penetrate the trainees uniform
  • Sparks can be used to create more stress

Extreme Range - Stress Exposure Training
  • Delivers a full 7,500 volts
  • Ensure most realistic edged weapon training ever

The following video shows how training with a Shocknife makes a difference for your officers and/or department.  Prior to use with the Shocknife the sparring partners had no issues with getting close or trading blows.  However, after using the Shocknife, they were significantly more hesitant to trade blows or get close (even after going back to regular training knives).

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