Thursday, December 22, 2011

Company Spotlight: Commonweath Rescue Systems

Commonwealth Rescue Systems is a full service Fire, Rescue and Law Enforcement equipment supplier.  They are partners with multiple vendors making them a one-stop shopping location to get all of the equipment that you need for your department!

Commonwealth Rescue Systems provides full service Sales, Service, Training, Installation and Repair.  CRS sells everything from extrication equipment, SCBA, personal protective equipment (PPE), on-site rescue equipment, and much more.  CRS services are very diverse.  They include:

  • Air bag testing
  • SCBA testing and repair
  • Equipment mounting for apparatus
  • Emergency lights, sirens and communication equipment installation
  • Full services upfitting for marked, unmarked, undercover, and various response vehicles
  • Scene lighting
  • MDT computer mounts and docking stations
  • 24/7 emergency service

Commonweath Rescue Systems is highly focused on customer service and satisfaction.  They have a low-price guarantee.  It is their commitment to provide you with the best value at the best price.  They want to help you save money without sacrificing on service and quality of equipment!

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