Monday, December 12, 2011

Company Spotlight: OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains

With snowy winter days quickly approaching, OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains really caught my interest.

What Are OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains?
Unlike traditional tire chains that are wrapped around the tires when snowy weather is coming (or after it has arrived), OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains are always ready to go.  They are permanently mounted on the vehicle (making you always prepared for inclement weather).  OnSpot chains last longer as they are only used when needed, and there is no likelihood of wheel-well damage from broken chains.  OnSpot chains are also D.O.T. approved in all fifty states (included chain controlled mountainous areas in Colorado and California).

How Do OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains work?
The OnSpot Automatic Tire chain offers the traction of a single set of conventional snow chains at the flip of a switch, without having to stop the vehicle.  An electric switch mounted in the cab provides 12 volts to an air solenoid mounted on the vehicle's frame rail. Compressed air to the solenoid is supplied from either the vehicle's on-board air system or a 12-volt compressed air kit.  When the dashboard switch is activated, the solenoid opens allowing compressed air to enter the air chamber and lower the chain wheel so it contacts the inside of the tire. The friction between the tire and the rubber-covered chain wheel causes the chainwheel to rotate, creating enough centrifugal force to flail the chains out in front of the tire. Six lengths of chain spaced at 60-degree intervals on the chain wheel ensure that there are always two chains between the tire and road surface whether you are accelerating, braking or are in a wheel lockup condition. The traction from the chain wheel is obtained in forward or reverse.  When the dashboard switch is turned off, the solenoid exhausts the air provided to the chain units and return springs in the air chambers bring the chain wheels back to their resting position.

What Are The Applications For OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains?
Applications are virtually limitless.  They can be mounted on delivery, construction, or emergency services vehicles.  They would be particularly beneficial to emergency services vehicles, as emergency responders don't have the option to wait for inclement weather to pass before they are required to travel on the road.  Having adequate traction on icy roads could actually be the determining factor in a life or death situation.

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