Friday, December 16, 2011

Company Spotlight: HiViz LED Lighting

Many accidents happen late at night on quiet and dark roads.  Responding to these accidents is both difficult and dangerous for the first responders.  They are in dark with the exception of the headlights on their vehicle.  HiViz LED Lighting has a solution to that problem.

HiViz LED Lighting is working hard to bring the highest quality lighting solutions to the markets that need them most.  They specialize in lighting for government and emergency services.  Their lights come in convenient tripods or even in convenient carrying cases, making it easy to transport them to the scene of an accident.  This light provides plenty of area light for those tough-to-reach collisions or deep woods recovery calls. Its not too heavy, and can be transported to the scene for use while extracting a victim.

The Incident Response case is a self contained, rapidly deployable scene light tower. It provides silent operation and up to 8 hours of light output for on-the-job use.  The unit can be plugged in to the shore-power on your apparatus for continuous charging, and when ready for deployment, simply disconnect and set on the ground. The unit can be fully deployed and broadcasting light in 30 seconds without the use of tools. Because of the built in power cell, you can promote workplace safety by eliminating the trip hazards associated with power-cords on traditional tripod lights.

Check out the Incident Response case in use.  It's compact and easy to transport, rapidly deployable, and easy to set up!

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