Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Company Spotlight: First Line Technology (PhaseCore)

Generally we only stop to think about dealing with excessive heat in the summer, when it is hot and we are suffering through the brutal heat.  The weather is getting cooler/colder so it is probably far from your mind, but take a minute to check out this amazing product to help product yourself (and your department) when summer comes back around in a few months.

The normal human body's skin temperature is approximately 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit, with the comfort zone being between 82.4 and 100.0 degrees.  When the skin temperature rises above 100.0 degree Fahrenheit, the body becomes susceptible to heat-related illnesses.  This rise in temperature can happen when working in hot environments, during physical activity, and when wearing protective clothing.  First Line Technology has released a line of products called PhaseCore, which are aimed at helping the body to cool and maintain its normal temperature in hot environments by absorbing the body heat.  By absorbing the heat in your skin, PhaseCore offers a cooling effect which is very different from alternative cooling methods.  Alternative methods such as ice, gel, and other frozen liquids can over cool or shock the body, which can constrict blood flow causing physical discomfort and mobile restriction.

Tests completed in a hot environment have proven that PhaseCore technology is effective in helping to combat the rise in a person’s body surface temperature when in a hot environment. PhaseCore Cooling Vests are effective for three to four hours, actual time varies based on physical activity, body type, and the environmental conditions.  PhaseCore Cooling Vests can be recharged by storing the PhaseCore elements in an environment less than the activation point, such as room temperature. PhaseCore elements can be recharged more quickly in colder environments. Refrigeration is not required, but will make the recharge period shorter. PhaseCore elements are completely recharged when they return to a solid state. PhaseCore is simple, safe, and reusable.

PhaseCore cooling vests are recommended for first responders, fire fighters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and industrial works.  There are multiple styles of vests available, including a flame retardant CarbonX vest that is safe for use by structural fire fighters.

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