Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Link Roundup: April Fools' Edition

Tuesday was April Fools' day, otherwise known as the day where everything you read is a lie. The Internet is still saturated with the remnants (and consequences) of that, so it seems fitting to give this week's link roundup an April Fools' theme. That said, unless otherwise noted, all these stories are true.

Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc. wasn't actually sold to a hot sauce review blog

Sorry to disappoint you, but that was just an April Fools' joke. If you missed out, on Tuesday we posted on that we had been purchased by Eat More Heat, a very real hot sauce review blog. We said that we'd stop selling Toughbooks and start selling hot sauce. They made a similar post on their site. It was all a lie, and we were being a bunch of lying liars. We "did it for the laffs," and laughs laffs were had. If you want to see it, and maybe get a few laffs of your own, we archived our April Fools' page so that it may live on throughout the ages.

Cop "pranks" responsible drivers by giving them $100

So zany!

Firefighter in hot water over April Fools' prank

Albuquerque, NM: a firefighter, suffering from an underdeveloped humor lobe in his brain (or something else; I'm not a neuroscientist), is under investigation for a Facebook post about police killing suspects. Hilarious. Seriously, I'm all for the good-natured rivalry between cops and firefighters, but "good-natured" is the key phrase there. I'm all for pranks (as evidenced by our own prank on Tuesday), but jeez. (PoliceOne via Associated Press)

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