Thursday, April 17, 2014

Girl Talk uses Panasonic Toughbooks

Every couple of days, I search "Toughbook" on Reddit to see if anyone has any questions I can help with, or if there's any breaking news on rugged laptops. I don't often find anything. That's why so many of the posts here are about non-rugged things. When I do find something, it's usually pretty dry (Toughbooks are awesome, but let's be frank, they aren't always the sexiest thing to read about). Today, however, I found something a little outside the norm: legendary mashup artist Girl Talk uses Panasonic Toughbooks in his performances!

What the heck is a Girl Talk? Mashup???

I suspect that the Venn diagram of hipsters and Toughbook enthusiasts shows very little overlap, so I'll explain. Girl Talk is the stage name of Gregg Michael Gillis, an electronic musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's known for his mashups, which are something like musical collages, combinations of different popular songs to create something new. They have been the subject of some debate over copyright law. Gillis in particular was used as an example during a 2007 Congressional hearing on copyright law.

Here's an example of a Girl Talk mashup, but be forewarned -- 


So, anyway, Girl Talk did an "Ask Me Anything" (or AMA) on Reddit. The format of an AMA, for the uninitiated, is basically a massive, public interview where users can ask a notable person any question they want. AMA participants in the past have included the likes of Harrison Ford, Bill Gates and President Obama.

Way down the page, a user asked Gillis how many computers he's gone through during his time performing as Girl Talk. This was his answer:
"i broke too many computers 2006-2010. not even sure. i havent broke a laptop in a few years. not trying to do a product placement right now, but those panasonic toughbooks are legit!"
Nice! Here are some photos I found online. Looks like he uses a CF-30 and a CF-74.
Photo by Flickr user Zoe, licensed under Creative Commons
Photo by Flickr user Monica D., licensed under Creative Commons
Photo by Flickr user Zoe, licensed under Creative Commons

Toughbooks are hip with the youngsters now! Spread the word!

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