Friday, April 18, 2014

Boston Firefighters are forced to destroy a brand new BMW, and nothing else cool happens all week - Friday Link Roundup

Best new EMS products

Dan White at EMS1 unveils the top 10 new EMS products of 2014. Seems a little premature for a best-of-the-year list, but maybe the dude has some insider info and knows the rest of the year is going to be a wash. (EMS1)

Police force uses Toughbooks

Panasonic's business blog profiles the Miami-Dade Public Schools Police Department, focusing on their use of Toughbooks. In other news, dog bites man, child does something cute in a video, and you'll never guess which common household item may be killing you. All this and more tonight at eleven. (Panasonic Solutions for Business Blog)

Illegal parking results in more than a ticket

If you park your brand new BMW in front of a hydrant, Firefighters might have to smash the hell out of it. (CBS Boston)

Hand signals can be confusing. Check out these two guides.

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