Friday, April 11, 2014

New York's Finest and Bravest duke it out, burglars get caught in the zaniest way, and medical science keeps on being awesome - Friday Link Roundup

NYPD and FDNY brawl at charity hockey game

What's up with the weird feud between police and firefighters? I asked on Twitter, but no one responded. It's crazy! Anyway, things got crazy during a NYPD vs FDNY charity hockey game. Of course, it was captured on video. My main take away from all this is that the goalies seemed pretty un-involved -- not just in the fight (in the video, you can see them chatting and watching the fight together), but also in the game itself -- the score was 8-5! Did they block a single shot? (Newsday via PoliceOne)

Burglary suspects pocket dial 911 while discussing crimes

This is too ridiculous for even the most lazily written '80s cop TV shows. Two crooks are arrested after one accidentally dials 911 and leaves the line open while he discusses the crime with his partner. What?! (Associated Press via PoliceOne)

Scientists attempt 3D-printed, "bioficial" heart

Scientists in Kentucky are working toward making functional human hearts using 3D printing technology and the patient's own cells ("bioficial" is a portmanteau of "biological" and "artificial"). They are making good progress, and hope to have the technology perfected within a decade. (Associated Press via EMS World)

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