Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cooling Vests for K-9s

It is unseasonably hot and humid in the mid-Atlantic region of the US this week.  And quite frankly, all I can do is sit here and think of ways to get cool....and how much I wish I had a cooling vest to cool me off.  If it's this hot now, I can only imagine what summer is going to bring.

For those of us who spend a great deal of time outdoors, officers who wear heavy uniforms or those who wear second chance vests, your core temperature can get quite warm.  We have the option of locating a cooler place or utilizing cooling vest.  It got me thinking about K-9 working dogs.  They're ability to function is affected just as much as ours when they are suffering from heat exposure.  They are obviously kept in specialized transport vehicles, but how do they stay cool when they are being utilized outside or in excessive heat?

There is actually an option for your K-9!  GlacierTek has developed a vest for dogs.  It is called the RPCM Chilly Dog Cooling Vest.  What is RPCM?  RPCM (Renewable Phase Change Material) is made from high-technology processed fats and oils - it's classified as "food grade" by the FDA. Think of it as "second generation" phase change material for the 21st century. All other phase change material (PCM) cooling vests use old-style petroleum byproducts like hexadecane, which contain hazardous chemicals. If it doesn't say RPCM®, it's just not safe!  

RPCM Cooling Vests maintain a comfortable 59°F (15°C), while ice or gel based systems are too cold at 32°F (0°C) or less. RPCM Cool Packs quickly recharge in only 20 minutes in ice water. They can also be recharged in a fridge or freezer.

GlacierTek has an entire line of cooling vests for people as well....both adults and children.

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