Friday, May 4, 2012

Fire Dog Services Program

Today I stumbled upon an amazing company that works to help fire departments and their communities.  Fire Dog Services Program donates turnout gear to departments that are in need.

There aren't many departments around who haven't felt the budgetary cutbacks in our current economy.  For some, these cutbacks have been detrimental...leaving departments with gear that is not only outdated but often times non-compliant with current NFPA standards.  For departments dealing with these types of financial difficulties, getting new NFPA compliant gear would be a dream.  However, many of them would more than happily take in any gear that would be safe enough to use in the field.

This is where your department can help!  If your department has recently upgraded (or is looking to upgrade) turnout gear, you can donate your old (or simply unneeded) gear to Fire Dog Services Program.  They accept gear in any condition.  They have a rigorous screening process that separates the gear into serviceable and recyclable categories.  Serviceable gear is donated for day to day fire fighting operations.  Recyclable gear is donated for Junior/Explorer programs and for training purposes.

There is a use for all of your old and unneeded turnout gear!  Fire Dog Services Program receives 34+ requests per month for gear (gear required for departments to adequately service their communities).  Keeping up with that kind of demand is very challenging, as many departments need full gear for five or more members.  Support others in the fire service community, and please consider recycling your old, worn out turnout gear!  There is also a need for helmets, boots, serviceable quality equipment (such as nozzles, even nonworking ones), and promotional gear.  To make a donation contact Fire Dog Services via their website or email.

 To learn more about how this program affects the departments in need, check out their testimonial page!

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