Monday, May 7, 2012

FAAC Inc. Offering Grants for Driving Simulators

FAAC Incorporated is one of the most well-recognized software and systems engineering companies.  The majority of their products are for the US Government.  They include products such as avionics training, weapon guidance, sensors, electronic warfare, training ranges, and threat air defenses (such as surface-to-air missiles).  However, they have more recently begun developing products for the public sector, such as driving simulators.

FAAC Incorporated has driving simulators for all the major aspects of public safety: fire, police, and EMS.  All simulators are comprised of true-to-life controls and components, allowing for full reproduction of curb jumps, road vibration, creating a "real" driving sensation.  With the five high-resolution viewing screens, the driver has an accurate and realistic driving view.  The system also allows for the integration of your MDT (mobile data terminal).

Each simulator comes equipped with multiple driving simulations.  This diminishes the possibility of officers learning the simulations, and forces them to continuously test their skills.  Simulations can be paused and/or replayed by the instructor to correct any issues with the decisions or actions of the driver.  This creates one of the best teaching environments, as any issues are corrected immediately.

To find out how you can assist your department in getting grant assistance to obtain a driving simulator, check out this press release from FAAC Incorporated:

FAAC Incorporated is pleased to announce its participation in a program to link emergency response and public safety departments with grant funding opportunities.

In today’s tough economic environment, dollars are scarce and many city and county budgets are being cut and large capital expenditures are being postponed or eliminated. The amount of grant dollars and stimulus funding – both federal and private – available for police, fire, and EMS, has remained strong, yet many departments are unfamiliar with the grant process and lack the knowledge or resources to successfully apply for grants.

“The assistance program takes the mystery out of matching the correct grant funding source with the specific need of the department,” said Bill Martin, FAAC’s Public Safety Business Manager. “Sometimes the biggest hurdle when purchasing a driver training simulation system is to find that single funding source that will match your need from all the grant information out there – that is why this grant assistance program is so important these public safety departments.”

To assist the effort of matching the needs of the industry with the proper funding avenues, FAAC is underwriting a grant assistance program managed by FireRescue1, PoliceOne, and EMS1 websites to assist those interested in purchasing driver training simulation. This financial initiative is part of the FAAC Customer for Life Philosophy to give back and be a partner in the industry that serves us all so well.

“The grant assistance program is our way to reach out and support the hard-working folks who want to improve their driver training programs,” said Mike McLelland, customer experience manager. “This assistance gives departments who otherwise would not be able to fund a simulator system the ability to get into the running for grant dollars to support safe driving initiatives.

Law enforcement agencies interested in obtaining grant location assistance can visit the website here:

Fire departments interested in obtaining grant location assistance can visit the website here:

EMS departments interested in obtaining grant location assistance can visit the website here:

Those interested in receiving assistance locating appropriate grant sources simply can go to the websites above and fill out a form that asks for basic information plus how you intend to use the driver training simulator, amount of grant assistance requested, and staffing profile

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