Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toughbook Repairs & Instructional Videos

We've previously reviewed the total cost of ownership of Panasonic Toughbooks.  In that review,  discussed that Panasonic Toughbooks have (on average) a 2.42% failure rate, making them significantly more durable that consumer-line laptops that average an 11-19% failure rate.That 2.42% failure rate means that at some point in time, a very small percentage of Panasonic Toughbooks will have some sort of issue that will need repair.  Of course, these issues can be from a hardware issue or from excessively rough usage by the owner.

Did you know that we also produce instructional repair videos which are posted on your YouTube channel, Toughbook Repair How To's?  The videos span across the semi- and fully-rugged Toughbook models that are still running in service.  They include the CF-52, CF-19, CF-30, CF-29, and CF-28.  These videos encompass common basic repair issues such as how to replace a hard drive and how to replace a keyboard.  They also cover more in-depth repairs including repairing or replacing internal components (like system boards WLAN cards) and the touchscreen.  The videos are very detailed and easy to follow, meaning you don't need to be a computer technician in order to complete the repair.

Worried that your computer technician skills aren't quite good enough to attempt an in-depth repair?  We at Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff also offer repairs and refurbishing of Panasonic Toughbooks.  This process can be as simple as cleaning up your unit or replacing defective hardware.  Contact a representative to learn more about our repairs.

Check out one of our most popular videos, How To Replace The Bezel on a CF-18.

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