Friday, March 9, 2012

Robotics in Policing

ReconRobotics is the world leader in tactical, micro-robot systems. Worldwide, nearly 2,200 of the company’s robots have been deployed by the U.S. military and international friendly forces, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, bomb squads and fire/rescue teams. Each day, they use the company’s mobile Recon Scout® Throwbot® devices to protect their personnel, minimize collateral damage, and gain immediate reconnaissance within dangerous and hostile environments.

The company was formed in 2006 to commercialize robotics technology developed at the University of Minnesota Distributed Robotics Laboratory under funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation, among others. Today, ReconRobotics markets its products through a distribution network in more than 30 countries. Among the users of Recon Scout robots are the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as many Federal agencies, including the U.S. Marshals, DEA, Border Patrol, FBI and ATF.

The Recon Scout Throwbot reconnaissance robot is your man on the inside. It’s rugged, stealthy, mobile and unfailingly dependable, and it’s designed to take whatever abuse the job demands.

They are tough!  Throw it through a window, over a wall, or down the stairs and it lands ready-to-go.  The Recon Scout Throwbot is designed to be thrown up to 120 feet repeatedly without causing damage to the unit.  It is controlled by a single joystick, making it easy to use and maneuver.  The Throwbot can safely be maneuvered by the user from up to 300 feet away, keeping them at a safe distance from possible threats.  There are automatic infared lights on the Throwbot that allow users to easily see in the dark.  The Recon Scout helps you explore hostile or dangerous environments by providing real-time mission-critical reconnaissance video that enables your teams to act quickly, safely and decisively.

Various models of Recon Scout robotics are currently being utilized by Barrie Police Services (Ontario), Alameda County Sheriff, Berkeley SWAT, Burnsville SWAT, Huntington Park Tactical Team, Marietta SWAT, and Orlando SWAT.  (Click the links of the departments to read reviews of the Recon Scout being utilized in real-life deployments).

Before you send in your team, send in your Recon Scout Throwbot .

The products sold by Recon Robotics are eligible for grant assistance.  Applications can be processed at

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