Wednesday, March 21, 2012

30-Day Trial On Tactical Headsets

Tactical Command Industries, Inc. is a communication integration company with expertise and focus on tactical communication headsets. They provide standard commercial products as well as customized solutions.  Their primary customers include law-enforcement, military, and various defense contractors.

TCI is a different from other tactical communication companies, as it was founded by tactical professions who combined have over several-thousands of hours of tactical training and mission work.  The experience and expertise of TCI's founders enable them to truly understand the requirements of their customers, allowing them to create and develop products that deliver solutions and exceed customer expectations time and time again.

The product line offered by TCI is diverse and has an option for virtually all tactical teams.  A catalog can be requested to view their full product line.  The Liberator II (pictured right) is one of the newest lines from TCI.  It was recently featured on Sons of Guns (Discovery Channel) during the testing of a Super Tommy Gun.

TCI has a remarkable no-obligation, 30-day headset evaluation program.  This program is available to all qualified government and law enforcement end users.  To participate in the 30-day evaluation, simple fill out the Evaluation Request Form.  Once the form is received, you will be contacted by TCI to set up your evaluation.

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