Thursday, March 22, 2012

LIDAR Speed Guns

Digital Ally is a technology-driven company specializing in advanced digital video police cameras and law enforcement surveillance equipment. The are the makers of the most advanced LIDAR speed gun available. Digital Ally’s LIDAR and video systems offer the features and reliability you need.

Laser Ally™ LIDAR Speed Guns are a new breakthrough in hand-held LIDAR speed detectors. Designed in conjunction with one of the leading experts in LIDAR, they provide...

  • Extreme Accuracy - 
  • Pinpoint the speed and direction of a vehicle in single or multi-lane traffic. Unlike with traditional RADAR, laser speed detectors utilize an extremely narrow beam, allowing speed detection and targeting to be unaffected by traffic congestion.
  • Cutting Edge Anti-Jamming Technology - 
  • Laser Ally Speed Guns were the only LIDAR systems not detected or jammed in a recent third-party test against LIDAR jammers.
  • Total Reliability - 
  • Laser Ally Speed Guns are ruggedized.  They are built for heavy use, and they are waterproof for harsh environmental conditions.  They are amazingly fast and accurate with anti-jamming technology, and provide complete courtroom credibility. The gun's body is composed of a polycarbonate ABS blend for strength and chemical resistance. Critical alignment components are tied together by a second internal die cast metal structure to withstand a drop without requiring realignment.

Laser Ally LIDAR Speed Guns Feature:
  • Small, Light & Balanced
  • Incredible, Extended Range
  • Extremely Fast Acquisition Time
  • Advanced Anti-Jamming
  • Tree, Fence, etc. Obstruction Mode
  • Superior Weather Mode
  • True Continuous Tracking with Audio
  • Internal Electronic Tests, Software Verification & Digitally Locked High Speed Timing
  • True Color 1:1 Head-Up Display for Accurate Vehicle Colors & No Eye Strain
  • Models Available for Still Image & Video Recording
  • Optional Folding 8x Monocular HUD Scope for Extended Range Identification
  • Easy To Use Menu
  • Improved Alignment Stability
  • Integrates with Digital Ally DVM & Ultra Video Systems
  • Optional Water-Resistant, Portable Ticket Printer
  • 32-Hour Battery Life with Auto Sleep Mode
  • Waterproof & Impact Resistant
  • In-The-Field Software Upgradeable

Grant opportunities for LIDAR speed guns are available at various online funding sites.  Digital Ally also offers various financing and purchasing options to ease the burden of the purchasing process.

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