Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Rookie SideKick

The Rookie is such a suitable name for this new fire department tool.  Rookie's are often subject to the brunt of the physical labor and unpleasant jobs around the firehouse.  One of the biggest and most tedious jobs? the fire hose.

The Rookie SideKick is a portable, motorized fire hose roller system.  There are several Rookie SideKick's available, with products that are especially geared towards municipal, wildland, and industrial fire departments.  Based upon the usage, the Rook SideKick can roll hoses up to six inches in diameter.  In the process of rolling the hoses, it also removes all water from the hose.

Why should you consider a Rookie SideKick?
  • It's state-of-the-art!  The Rookie SideKick is the only motorized hose rolling system available.
  • It's safer!  The Rookie SideKick is ergonomically designed to cause less physical strain on your firefighters.  It is significantly safer than physically carrying the load of the hoses as you roll them.
  • It's efficient!  The Rookie SideKick will roll a hose in about 50% less time than it would take a firefighter.  This leaves your firefighters with time for additional work and well rested when they're on-scene.
  • It's versatile!  Roll everything from 3/4" to 6" hoses on the same Rookie SideKick.
  • It's guaranteed!  The Rookie SideKick comes with a 100% no risk, money back return policy!
Check out the following video to see it in action!

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