Friday, September 20, 2013

Extendobed - Get More Storage Out Of Your Vehicle!

Extendobed has be designing and distributing products to business and law enforcement professionals for over 25 years.  Their custom designs are suitable for all different types of professionals.  However, their primary market is fire departments and law enforcement agencies.

Extendobed is the original manufacturer of the expandable truck bed liner.  Extendo Bed is a truck bed extender that will carry a full cargo load over 1200 pounds & extend 100% beyond the length of the truck bed or SUV cargo area. These patented truck bed drawers are ideal for fire and police departments as a command center and emergency or first response, contractors, the military, farriers, or anyone else who needs easy access to their truck bed and tools.

Each bed extender is also extremely rugged and durable.  Not only are they built to withstand a great deal of weight and cargo, they are durable enough to withstand every use and abuse.  Extendobed actually boasts that many of their units, including the first one built in 1987, are still in service today.  Now, that says a lot about the durability and life expectancy of one of  these units!

Extendobeds come pre-designed for command centers, search and rescue, SWAT, equipment storage, crime scene, or they can even be custom designed.

Check out an Extendobed in action!

Extendo Bed Time Lape from Chris Ennis on Vimeo.

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