Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NEW: Butterfly Smoke Seal

We recently had the opportunity to meet Al Shaw at the 26th Annual Pittsburgh Fire, Rescue & EMS Expo in Monroeville, PA.  Al is the founder of Butterfly Safety Products, LLC.  He has invented a simplistic and affordable fire safety device.

The Butterfly Smoke Seal is a smoke mitigation safety product.  It was invented and designed by a company that produces fire barriers for building world-wide.  The concept behind it was to bring the same fire protection used in commercial buildings to a residential setting.

So, what is it?  What does it do?  The Butterfly Smoke Seal is a squishable tube of a fire retardant foam covered with a fire retardant material, 3 strips of fire retardant tape, a whistle, and a glow stick.  This simple tool device seals the gaps between the door and the door frame, keeping smoke from entering the room that you are in.  It installs in less than sixty seconds and can buy you several minutes where the room you are in does not fill with smoke.  And any firefighter will tell you how important that is, as when it comes to structural fires the smoke inhalation causes more deaths than the fire itself.

All Butterfly Smoke Seals are manufactured in the USA.  They are currently available for sale through a vendor on EBay, but the company is hoping to have them available through large retail stores by the end of the year.  Units start at about $50.00, and are sold based standard door sizes.

To learn more about the product and to see it in use, check out the following video:

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