Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Facecrook is a relatively new app available for iOS devices through the apple store.  The app was designed by a 25-year veteran of the police force.  It was his solution to the major void in communication between officers, throughout the department, and within the various local districts.

Facecrook is similar to Facebook.  Users create their own profile, and they are able to designate who they opt to share their information with and what information they share with those people.  From there, you are able to make additional profiles of persons of interest.  Profiles for persons of interest could be possible suspects, wanted persons, missing children, or people at risk of being lost or endangered.  These profiles contain physical descriptions, demographic information, contact information, and photographs.  Therefore, when the information about a person needs to be distributed it is ready to be distributed to other officers and the community quite quickly.

What makes Facecrook different from the standard systems like the National Crime Information Center (NCIC)?  NCIC is a national database with millions of entries, and Facecrook is not meant to be a replacement.  It is more of a supplemental program that has a focus of entries based in your local geographic area. And unlike NCIC, any of the users on Facecrook can make updates to the photographs of descriptions of a person of interest's profile.  This allows more people the ability to update real-time information at a time when it can be of the utmost importance.

What are your thoughts on Facecrook?

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