Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Dirty Is Your Communication Center?

We've done an article or two about the dirt, grime, and germs that can live in and on your computer.  If you've missed them, your computer can be quite disgusting.

Over time, lots of stuff can accumulate both on and under your computer keyboard keys (as well as your LCD screen, mouse, and your work station).  The majority of what is on and in your computer is comprised of food crumbs, minor drink spills, and generic household dust (which is comprised of everything from dirt to dead skin cells).  This grime can cause your computer to stop working properly or even make you sick.  As for making you sick, the dirt can be harboring a lot of potentially harmful bacteria (such as staph or E.coli).  Some studies have even found that many work stations rival the germ-factor of public restrooms...particularly if they are shared by multiple people.

You can clean your personal computer by gently shaking out crumbs and using a little disinfectant cleaner (always onto a lint free cloth and never directly onto the computer, of course).  But, what do you do about your communications center that is manned 24/7?

Most departments have a janitorial staff that cleans the room.  However, they rarely manage to clean in/under/around the workstations of the employees....and they definitely don't ever touch the computers to clean them.  So, how dirty are your communication centers?

The bottom line, it's pretty dirty.  Getting it cleaned will probably help to keep the employees that work their healthier as well!  A company called Console Cleaning Specialists specialize in cleaning 911 centers, dispatch centers, and other mission critical offices throughout the United States.  Utilizing a team of trained professionals, they (quietly) clean your mission critical offices without affecting your ability to continue to do the essential daily jobs with minimal interruptions.  This is not a regular daily or weekly janitorial cleaning.  A cleaning from Console Cleaning Specialists is a once or twice a year deep cleaning of your work stations.

To schedule an appointment or to get an estimate of the cost to clean your communication center simply request a quote on their website!

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