Friday, July 6, 2012

NuShield Screen Protectors

NuShield, Inc. is the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of screen protectors, screen protector kits, and touch screen overlays for electronic equipment. Their inventory is broad, and includes screen protection films for auto and GPS navigation devices, digital cameras and camcorders, electronic games, handheld computers, HDTV, industrial control devices, inventory control devices, laptops and tablets, LCD monitors, marine and aviation equipment, PDAs, Phones, POS displays, signature capture devices, Toughbooks and other electronic devices used in manufacturing and commercial applications. In all, they have screen protectors to fit over 6,000 electronic devices.

NuShield screen protection films are manufactured in the United States and are custom designed. These films are available to fit a wide variety of electronic devices and meet specific user needs.  The anti-glare and DayVue (antireflective) film can fit devices with screens up to 50 inch diagonal. NuShield screen protectors have undergone rigorous tests by the U.S. military to protect the LCD screens of their sensitive electronic equipment from scratching, chemicals, sea salt, dust, and sand.

NuShield screen protectors:

  • protect LCDs from keyboard damage
  • save LCD screens from scratches and sun glare
  • hides fingerprints and reduces screen glare in cars
  • installs easily and lasts indefinitely (with no adhesive film)
  • are super thin
  • can be cleaned easily and quickly without degrading anti-glare properties
  • does not affect touchscreen capabilities
  • are low cost (most are priced under $25.00)
Orders can easily be placed on the NuShield website.  Obtaining the proper screen for you unit is virtually fool-proof, as they are ordered based on make/model of the unit you are looking to protect.  When it comes time for installation, you simply need to follow the detailed installation directions posted on their site.

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