Thursday, July 12, 2012

IMPACT: Making the world safer through technology

Peace of mind comes with confidence in knowing you can rely on your software provider and that your needs are met.  Mission critical software for police, fire, EMS, public safety and justice personnel is IMPACT's only business.  They concentrate specifically on satisfying the information-sharing demands of first responders.  Their system was built utilizing intimate knowledge of police, fire and EMS the creates have nearly three decades of experience in the field.
IMPACT provides the world's most advanced information-sharing innovations.  Their technologies are engineered to perform under the most demanding circumstances, enabling quick responses.  This keeps officers safe and provides necessary information at critical moments when every second counts.  IMPACT's products include computer aided dispatching, complete records management, mobile tactical field reporting, ticket processing, GPS automatic vehicle location, precision mapping, alarm billing, special interfaces for E-911, NCIC, live-scan fingerprinting technology, jail management systems, and fire/EMS records management systems.  There is essentially a product for every first responder out there!

IMPACT understands that no two fire, police, EMS, or private safety departments are exactly alike.  Because of this, the programs offered by IMPACT are extremely versatile.  The programs offered can be purchased as a whole or just specific programs can be utilized.  All IMPACT programs are completely compatible with one another, allowing a seamless flow of information between multiple agencies within the same area.

A few of the optional software programs include:
  • Alarm Billing: allows law enforcement personnel to track and charge false alarm violators
  • Photo Imaging: Supports mug shots, crime scene photos, evidence photos, digital imagery, sound files, and video clips
  • E911: Enables rapid data entry for immediate dispatch of response units
  • Field Reporting: enables real-time creation and submission of incident reports from the field
To learn more about IMPACT's technology solutions, visit them at or give them a call at (800)871-1244.

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