Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Radar Recorder: Know When And Where To Run Radar

Do you ever wonder if your citizens are becoming aware of your 'regular' places to run radar?  Do you think that people might be avoiding your speed traps?  Do you wonder if there are other places that people are routinely speeding?  Do you receive complaints from residents that people are routinely flying down their street?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might want to check out JAMAR Technologies, Inc.  JAMAR Technologies has invented a radar recorder that allows you to easily gather traffic information and habits in various locations without dedicating man-hours to the location.  The radar recorder inconspicuously straps to a power-line pole or traffic sign pole, and when recording is complete it is easily removed.  Once installed, it can be set up to record volume data, binned information, or per vehicle data.

Volume data provides only a volume count of the vehicles recorded. It does not provide speed or length data.
Binned information gets its name from the fact that the Radar Recorder sorts the data as it is recorded in the field and stores the results in a specific numerical bin. In this format you can collect vehicle speed and\or length information along with volumes.  Per vehicle data stores speed and length information on every vehicle recorded. This data can be used to provide, volume, speed, length and gap information with the TRAXPro
software. Per vehicle data provides the greatest flexibility in working with your data and as such is the format recommended for data collection.

During any time during the data collection, you can connect the Radar Recorder to a laptop or tablet computer to download the information using the TRAXPro software.  This information is converted into easy-to-read data allowing you to easily determine what areas are in need of further reinforcement.

To learn more, check out the video from JAMAR Technologies.

The Radar Recorder - Complete Online Tutorial

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