Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Product Review: Wired Blue's MyPD App

Wired Blue is dedicated to providing new and innovative solutions innovative solutions to police departments. They also aim to provide new and fiscally responsible pricing models for cities and towns.

Their first product, the MyPD app does just that. Police Departments are using this phone app to provide you with better service and improve communication.

With MyPD you can:
  • Follow the latest tweets from your department
  • Send Crime tips
  • Commend an Officer
  • Submit Feedback
  • Ask Questions
  • Get Directions to the Department
  • Easily find the Police Officers Names and Numbers that you need
  • These are just some of the tools that your Police Department is making available to you here. New features are always being added!
A growing number of Police Departments are utilizing this app for the citizens they serve!  Citizens of your community can use this app to connect with your department, by giving one-stop information from your websites, Facebook, and Twitter right on your smartphone. This puts information on services, contact information, and feedback all into one iPhone and Android app.

This app is completely free to the citizens of your community, and is available to departments at a low price.  to learn more, contact Wired Blue.

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