Friday, March 14, 2014

Small town hjinks, colorful holograms, apps and music videos - Friday Link Roundup

Police Chief Joel F. Shults shares his top 10 signs you're a small town cop, but the article isn't like most lists (or "listicles") you find online. It's a genuine and funny look at the life of a rural police officer with a Jeff Foxworthy-esque list tagged onto the end, almost as an afterthought. (PoliceOne)

Scientists in England are developing a device that uses nanotechnology and colorful holograms to perform medical testing in the field. I understand very little of it, but it sounds amazing. (Fast Company - Co.Exist)

The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at how university police are using mobile apps to reshape campus safety. (Via University World News)

Here's a video, which I will post without comment:

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