Thursday, April 18, 2013

Binder E-Z Lift

It is no secret that our country is getting larger and that more and more of our population is becoming overweight, obese, and morbidly obese.  The issues that come with being a significantly larger size aren't just limited to the overweight person, their weight can also greatly affect a first responder who needs to come to their emergency aid.

When dealing with and handling obese persons, there is a great risk of lifting injury to the first responder.  To help combat this problem, there is the Binder E-Z Lift.  The Binder E-Z Lift is a non-mechanical apparatus designed to assist patients with non-traumatic injuries.

What makes the Binder E-Z Lift a wise investment for every department?

  • Reduces first responder lifting injuries
  • Reduces patient injuries, as there is no need to put pressure on arms or shoulders
  • Allows for non-invasive "team" lifting, handles allow up to six lifters 
  • Eliminates the need for invasive body-to-body contact required to lift a larger person
  • Compact, portable and only three pounds
  • Easy to attach
  • Comes in two sizes (expandable from 34" to 82" chest)
  • Polypropylene webbing is exceptionally sturdy and will not stretch
  • Nylon fabric rated to support over 500 pounds
To learn more about this product, check out the following video

Binder EZ Lift Commercial from Megan Westvig on Vimeo.

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