Monday, January 7, 2013

Safe Realistic Bomb Squad Training

Combat Training Solutions (CTS) is a small business owned by a service-disabled veteran.  They specialize in military training and realistic battlefield effects; however, many of these training tools can also be utilized by police departments as well!  CTS specializes in non-pyrotechnic improvised explosive device (IED) simulators.

What makes these non-pyrotechnic simulators a must have for all bomb squad training?  It's quite simple.  Imagine a live bomb training scenario...that is completely safe.  The non-pyrotechnic simulators from CTS have realistic sounds and visual effects (they are working on a flash for the next generation of simulators).  When the simulator detonates, it "explodes" it emits a loud bang and disperses a non-toxic cloud of powder that very closely resembles what a real exploding bomb looks like.

Previous pyrotechnic training required the use of either dummy-devices or live-devices.  Training with dummy-devices is often not taken seriously, as there is no consequence for inadvertently triggering the device.  Live-devices are not used too often in training due to the inherent risks and dangers that are associated with the accidental detonation of the device.  Safety of officers usually trumps the option of training with live devices.  The non-pyrotechnic simulation devices from CTS give the real feel and consequences of training with a live device without the risks.  The only risk associated with CTS non-pyrotechnic simulation devices is that of hearing loss, as the devices "explode" at around 140 decibels.  However, this can easily be combated by utilizing protective gear such as earplugs.

CTS simulation devices are so safe that they even sell a suicide bomber training simulator vest.  The vest can be detonated without causing any harm to the individual wearing it.  The ability to be this up-close and personal with the training devices allows for those utilizing them to get hands-on experience and to develop muscle memory and improve their reflexes, both of which could save lives in the field.

Check out some of CTS's simulation devices in action in the following video:

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