Friday, September 21, 2012

Tachyon: Tough Tactical Cameras

Tachyon, Inc. are the leading manufacturers of tough tactical cameras. Cameras are not only tough, but cost-efficient.  They are all built with the needs and budgets of law enforcement in mind.  

All cameras from Tachyon, Inc. are wide-angle, date & Time-stamped HD videos.  These have numerous benefits for your department:

  • Increased Professionalism - Knowing that their actions can easily be reviewed because they were recorded, officers tend to be more likely to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by their department.  No one wants to be the spoof video of what not to do used in training classes.
  • Training - As just mentioned, those videos of what to do and what no to do come from somewhere.  And there is no better way to teach new officers how to appropriately approach and interact with a subject than actual footage that shows what can happen in the field.
  • Officer Safety - Officer safety is two-fold.  By recording incidents as they occur, officers are protected against false claims of overly-assertive force or even abuse.  The cameras also record assaults taken against police officers.  

There are night vision cameras with invisible IR light that are also must-have gear for tactical units, Four-hour plus video recording time and a rechargeable battery meets every policeman's need. 

The Dash Cam plugs into the cruiser's 12V outlet, ensuring that the camera never run out of power. Compatible with 64GB memory cards, you can save up 20 hours of video before they begin to overwrite older footage.

Tachyon, Inc. is currently offering an amazing promotion where you can try their cameras free of charge!  To utilize this promotion, 

  1. Put the items that you want in your cart
  2. Fill in your information (be sure to use the department's information)
  3. Click the "Test & Evaluate (No Payment Needed)" button

adding to your cart, checking out, and filling out your information be sure to click on the "Test & Evaluate (No Payment Needed)" button.

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