Thursday, December 1, 2011

Company Spotlight: Sartin Services, Inc.

It’s the type of vehicle first responders hope they will rarely have to activate, but having the new Medical Ambulance Bus (MAB) on hand for large scale emergencies is a tremendous benefit to the area. The vehicle is designed to provide mass casualty incident response and transport, medical evacuations, on site triage, firefighter and EMS rehabilitation and medical support for long term emergency incidents.
mcso_medical_ambulance_busThe 42 foot unit comes equipped with stretchers to accommodate 20 patients and medical personnel for transport, patient monitoring equipment, metered oxygen outlets, electrical capacity to supply power for necessary medical equipment, and, a refrigerator for storing medications and rehab supplies, all in a climate controlled area.  The buses were designed to provide caregivers and emergency responding personnel the tools they needed to treat and evacuate large numbers of patients. The buses will be vital in evacuating hospitals and nursing homes that are in the path of a hurricane.

A large oxygen storage and distribution system allows each patient and each attendant seat to have an individual metered oxygen supply. All vehicles can be connected to a permanent oxygen source like a hospital and remain onsite to assist in overload situations. Other specialized equipment options include: individual wireless patient monitoring systems, suction units, bariatric winch, slide out stretcher system for ease of loading patients, communication systems, stainless steel medical storage compartments, climate control systems for all climates, large loading/unloading ramp assembly that conveniently stores under the vehicle in one minute, germ and virus resistant flooring, flip down seating for rehab or on-site needs, eight to ten wheelchair placements, large generator and many other features.

These specialized transport and triage buses are currently being manufactured by Sartin Services, Inc.

Check out some footage of the MAB being used in the field:

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