Friday, September 30, 2011

Use of Technology in Law Enforcement

Use of Technology in Law Enforcement

When dealing with computer technology and law enforcement, police forces deal with both the criminal elements such as internet predators and hackers, as well as the power to capture criminals faster and easier. The advancements in technology for government agencies, police forces and sheriff departments have improved the safety and speed at which they work in crime-fighting efforts. Police officers with notebook computers in their cruisers can do a vast amount of tasks. We will explore some of the labor saving technology and safety factors that have redesigned the way law enforcement officers do their jobs everyday.

The power to capture criminals faster and with ease can be accomplished by having the right technology right at the police officers fingertips. We have explored the type of law enforcement laptop works best in a police squad car. Now we will look at the tasks that can be accomplished by have a mobile computer readily available. One area that enhances safety for both the public and the officer is the ability to access databases on-site to check credentials of motorists. Another use would be checking the backgrounds of individuals that the police would be interviewing. The real time information might give insight to motivation or history of the person. Thus allowing a decision to be made regarding to quickly apprehend the perpetrators or to allow that person to go.

Other tasks like writing reports and notes about situations while the events are still fresh. Cataloging crime scene evidence, and then manage the database of that evidence. All these tasks performed on site with a rugged laptop. These laptops would normally be mounted in the police vehicle yet can easily be removed and used. Of course all of this technology is good as long as the budget allows it. Which in today's economic environment can be difficult. Which is where refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks can come into play. By purchasing ruggedized units, savings can be in the thousands of dollars per unit given that the average price for a brand new Toughbook can be $2,000 to $4,000 each. Where the price for a refurbished slightly older model can be between $300 to $900.

When you factor in the cost of ownership with the reliability and longevity of a ultra rugged laptop like the Panasonic Toughbook CF-29. The cost basis looks even better. By combining the uses and the fact that a ruggedized laptop has a longer life than normal laptops the police department can actually be commended on cost cutting and being very budget minded. After all, what police chief or sheriff would not want to be recognized as being a fiscally responsible leader?

The Police force can leverage their purchasing power by buying refurbished equipment thus increasing their ability to capture more criminals and ending the day safely. We have explored the many uses of rugged laptops mounted in vehicles. As well as seeing how a laptop must perform while in the car. The reasons for ruggedized laptops for both performance and rugged ability are numerous and we discuss this topic in the articles listed below.

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